Kurt (Donald) Cobain was born in February 20, 1967.
His hometown (Aberdeen, Wa) was always kind of 'problem' for him  "Aberdeen was nothing but rednecks and guns and booze."
In his childhood his parents divorced, and he ended up being shuffled from one relative's house to the next.
Kurt drooped out from high school and In his late teen he left home, abandoning the orderlines of his mother's
house for the danger and occasional excitement of bumming with friends
and doing nothing.
Though his condition had not yet been diagnosed, he had begun to show
signs of narcolepsy, an incomprehensible illness which strikes its victims asleep in unoccupied rooms than he did in the menial sweeping and cleaning
which was supposed to be his vocation.
That wasn't his only job in his late teens, in 1985, he worked briefly as a lifeguard at the local YMCA.
But nothing lasted for long, except music.
That year, Kurt made the fateful connection, when he met the 19 years old
Chris Novoselic born in Los Angeles into a family of Yugoslavian
extraction, Chris(later on known as Krist) was brought to Aberdeen before he reached his teens
as his father entered the logging industry.
When Kurt played with Chris for the first time in 1987, they decided to keep
the band together, and by the beginning of the next year, they had a ten-song
demo fully in place with Crover on drums.
Many of these tunes wound up on their Sub Pop debut album, Bleach (1989)
and on their rarities compilation, Incesticide (1992).
In the beginning (' the early Nirvana' ) they didn't really find their 'perfect' drummer
(Channing, Crover, Peters).
However they found their perfect drummer in
Dave Grohl, born in Warren, Ohio.
After their 1991 breakthrough album Nevermind the album that shook the world by storm
and bring their music to the world,
Nirvana were everywhere. They were the cover boys of every major music mag in the world,
Song after song concert after concert as Nirvana gets better and better.
Nirvana - songwriter/guitarist/vocal Kurt Cobain, bassist Chris Novoselic and
drummer Dave Grohl  was everywere period.
Meantime Kurt start spending time with his girlfriend, Courtney Love,
He felt that spending a lot of time with Courtney was essential for his sanity.
"I just wanted to do something that was really exciting" "I figured Courtney
was the best option . I knew that there wouldn't be a single person in the
Nirvana camp that would approve of it. Because they're so fucking boring.
Their lives are so normal."
However  in February 24, 1992, Kurt married his girlfriend Courtney in Hawaii
(with a female minister....Kurt wore his pyjamas on the 'wedding'...)
And in August 18, 1992, Frances Bean Cobain was born in Los Angeles.
Just 10 days after Kurt become a father, Nirvana played the U.K. Reading Festival.
And in September the band performed at the MTV Video Music Awards, and received two awards : Best Alternative Video for "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and Best New Artists.
Kurt always had a problem with the 'macho man' style "I definitely have a problem
with the average macho man, because they have always been a threat
to me. I've had to deal with them most of my life -being taunted and
beaten up by them  in school. I definitely feel closer to the feminine side
of the human being  than I do the male."
Also in '92 - Kurt checked into a rehab to rid himself of his heroin
habit. "I just decided I want to have a life".
In November 1993 Nirvana went unplugged in NY,
And after they finished their American Tour ( January  1994)
they went to play in Europe ( that was their last tour) .
In the morning of April 8, 1994, an electrician arrived at Kurt house in
Seattle and spotted what he thought was a mannequin lying on the floor of
a small cottage/greenhouse above the garage.
Upon closer examination, he realised that what he saw was the body of a
young male with a shotgun on his chest.
The police arrived and body, dressed in jeans, a shirt and Converse trainers,
was removed for identification.
Fingerprints confirmed that it was Kurt Cobain.
He left a suicide note, a wife and a daughter, and millions of fans that will not let go and will never
forget him.

Copyright 1998 by M.H